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Why Vista Education?

Vista Education provides high quality questions and answers for competitive examinations. It also provides questions and answers for academic examinations like K-12, Engineering, Medical and other professional examinations.


There is no need to register at home page right now as we are in the process of creating question bank. Please click on the following link to go to Question Answer section (please register in question answer section to pose questions or answer questions):

Question Answer

Quizes / Tests

We are creating questions banks that will contain thousands of questions on each subject. We shall allow registered users to take examinations and get global rank and percentile. We shall also provide analytics giving details of the area in which the user is strong and also giving list of areas where user is weak and requires additional efforts to improve his / her knowledge.

Test will be of two types:

(1) Timed where users need to answer the questions within the given time

(2) Non-timed where there will not be any restriction of time.


We shall also provide an unique opportunity where the registered users will be able to compete with each other. Marks will be based on the correct answer and speed. If both user give correct answer, the user who has answered correctly will get higher marks. In case of wrong answer, user will be given zero marks. We hope users will enjoy this unique and novel feature.

We shall be providing many useful methods to calculate answers very fast.

Suppose, we want to compute geometric mean of 121, 123, 125, 127, 129. The usual method is to multiply these numbers and take fifth root. We provide simple approximation: 125 - 4/125 = 124.9680 that matches with the value of geometric mean to 4 decimal places.